WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights: Seth Rollins defeated Edge using a low-blow. The “Demon” Finn Balor confronted Roman Reigns to close-off the night

WWE Smackdown Results September 11, live blog: Seth Rollins defeated Edge using a low-blow. The
WWE Smackdown Results September 11, live blog: Seth Rollins defeated Edge using a low-blow. The "Demon" Finn Balor confronted Roman Reigns to close-off the night

WWE Smackdown– Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on September 11th: The iconic Madison Square Garden arena in New York City hosted this week’s Friday Night Super Smackdown.- Here are the highlights of all the action from the world-famous Madison Square Garden arena.

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Here is the action from the night

  • Roman Reigns & The Usos kick off the night. Brock Lesnar interrupted
  • 10-man Tag-Team match
  • Contract Signing- Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair
  • Edge vs. Seth Rollins
  • Smackdown Tag-Team Championship- The Street Profits vs. The Usos

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WWE Smackdown– Smackdown Results Results and Highlights: Seth Rollins defeated Edge using a low-blow. The “Demon” Finn Balor confronted Roman Reigns to close-off the night

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WWE Smackdown– Smackdown Results and Highlights

Smackdown Tag-Team Championship- The Street Profits vs. The Usos: It is time for the main event of the night. The Usos set to defend the Tag-Team titles against the Street Profits. As the bell rang, Montez Ford hit a dropkick on Jimmy Uso to take him down. He got distracted by Jey Uso from the apron which helped Jimmy to send Ford outside and then Jimmy splashed on him from the top rope.

After the commercial, Jimmy Uso and Angelo Dawkins were inside the ring and Dawkins had the upper hand. Jimmy tagged in Jey and he also struggled to settle against Dawkins but after The Usos exchanged tags and somehow get going.

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Dawkins simultaneously clotheslined Jimmy and then Jey to send them outside the ring before tagging Montez Ford who dived on The Usos outside from the top rope. When Usos were reeling near the ramp, Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns came out to watch the match from up & close.

As we returned from the commercial, The Street Profits were all over The Usos. Montez Ford was working on Jimmy Uso. Ford tagged in Dawkins, and the latter lifted Jimmy for a suplex meanwhile Montez Ford went to the top turnbuckle and splashed on Jimmy. Dawkins went for a cover, but Jimmy survived.

In the closing moments, Montez Ford went for his frog splash dive on Jimmy and almost had him for the 3 count, until Roman Reigns slid into the ring and held Ford in a Gaiety Lock. The match got disqualified and The Usos retained their titles via DQ.

WWE Smackdown Results: The Usos retained their titles via DQ.

After the match got over, Roman Reigns accepted Brock Lesnar and said that he will finish off the Beast just like he will finish off Balor at Extreme Rules. As soon as he take Finn Balor’s name, the Demon Finn Balor arrived and went straight into the face of Roman Reigns to roll-down curtains on Smackdown.



Backstage: Roman Reigns asked Paul Heyman that why he didn’t tell him that Brock Lesnar would be at Summerslam.



Backstage: Edge was taken out on a stretcher and was put into an ambulance. As the ambulance was going, Seth Rollins also stood there and he was looking perplexed. The interviewer asked her how does it feel after the victory and attack he put on Edge. Rollins couldn’t answer properly as he looked all lost and repeatedly said “I don’t know.” It seemed like Rollins was full of confusion & regret.



Edge vs. Seth Rollins: Time for the Summerslam rematch. For the first time in 11 years, Edge was performing at the MSG and it was almost a dream come true moment for the Rated-R Superstar. Quick side and head-locks were witnessed in the early stage of the match.

Rollins hit a dropkick on Edge’s left knee that almost perplexed the latter. The two men exchanged some right hands before Edge slammed Rollins shoulder-first into the corner post. Rollins never saw that coming but got back into his own after a while when he hit a knee on Edge’s back to send him outside. Rollins then dived outside from between the ropes to gain momentum before heading into the commercial.

After we returned from the commercial, the two men were still outside the ring and Rollins looked in control as he was seen bashing Edge’s head on the barricade and trash talking to him. He then rolled Edge inside the ring and hit a knee to the face from the top rope to take the Hall of Famer down.

Now, Rollins was working on Edge’s left knee and hit him with a Glam Slam, a move made famous by Edge’s Hall of Famer wife Beth Phoenix, not once but twice.

Rollins tried to use Edge’s legendary maneuver”Edgecustion,” but the Rated-R Superstar escaped from harm’s way. Rollins tried a Pedigree, but instead, Edge hit him with a Pedigree for a close 2-count. Rollins then rolled out of the ring near the announce desk but was caught with a dive off the top turnbuckle by his opponent.

After we returned from the commercial, both men were in the ring and Edge hit Rollins with a full-nelson slam. Edge then went on the top-turnbuckle and jumped off it, but while landing he caught his legs and turned Rollins for a sharpshooter. Rollins survived by sending Edge on the bottom turnbuckle.

After a few failed attempts from Edge for the Crippler Crosface submission, Edge hit a powerbomb, but Rollins survived yet another close pinfall count. Rollins then hit Edge with a buckle bomb and it looked like Edge was done for good, The Visionary was going for a stomp, but Edge hit him with a mini spear. Edge went for the cover, but Rollins survived yet again.

In the closing moments, the two men bashed onto the corner post along with the referee. This gave him a chance to hit a low blow. He then hit Edge with a series of Superkicks before closing off a spectacular match with a stomp.

WWE Smackdown Results: Seth Rollins defeated Edge via Pinfall



Backstage: Paul Heyman is asked by Kayla Braxton will Roman Reigns answer Brock’s challenge tonight? Heyman said that the Head of the Table will watch his cousins defending the Smackdown Tag-Team Championship live and then he will respond to Lesnar’s challenge.



Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair Contract Signing segment: It is time for Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair to sign the contract for Extreme Rules PPV and make their championship match official. WWE authority figures Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville were in the ring to conduct the segment.

Bianca Belair was in the ring first and started off by saying that at Summerslam when Becky returned, she (Bianca) was happy to see her as she respected her. But now, things have changed because she doesn’t expect her anymore because she always believed that Becky will never back off from a fight, but the latter did. After speaking all this, Bianca signed the contract.

Once Bianca was done signing, Becky Lynch’s music hit and The Man arrived. Becky started off by saying that she knows that Bianca is her fan and further bragged about herself. She then asked Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce what if she doesn’t sign the contract?

Pearce and Deville then asked her to sign it, The EST of WWE (Bianca Belair) asked her to sign it and said that even the people want her to sign it. The audience in attendance started chanting “sign it.”

Becky got pissed with the chants and blamed the people for turning their back on her. After getting jilted with people’s chants Becky finally signed the contract to make the Smackdown Women’s Championship bout at Extreme Rules official.



10-man Tag-Team match: As the match started, NBA Star Trae Young was invited to the ringside by Sami Zayn.

The Mysterios, Big E, Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn, Otis, Apollo Crews, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode. Sami Zayn & Nakamura exchanged blows until all the superstars from either team got into the ring and performed their signature maneuvers.

At a point in time, Rey was getting ready to hit Apollo Crews with a 619, but Trae Young got involved by catching him from the outside. The referee saw it and barred Trae from the ring. Once Trae was gone, Sami Zayn was in the ring and was hit with a double 619 from the Mysterios. Big E then got the tag and hit a Big Ending to Sami Zayn to earn a victory for his team.

WWE Smackdown Results: The Mysterios, Big E, Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura won the match as Big E pinned Sami Zayn.

After the match got over, Big E got interviewed by Kayla Braxton. She asked her on which championship will he cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Big-E said that he can come after any championship whenever he wants.



Backstage: Kayla Braxton asked Paul Heyman when Roman Reigns will respond to Brock Lesnar’s challenge. Paul Heyman said that The Head of the Table will respond to Lesnar’s challenge on his time.



Kick-off: Roman Reigns along with his special counsel Paul Heyman and his cousins kicks off the night. All four men are in the ring.

Roman Reigns starts off by saying when it comes to sports entertainment, New York runs it. He further added, and when it comes to WWE, the Tribal Chief runs WWE and it’s time for New York to acknowledge him. Once he was done talking, Brock Lesnar’s music hit, and the Beast Incarnate came out with confidence on his face.

He walked straight unto the face of Roman Reigns, but the Tribal Chief stepped back and the Usos stepped in and walked straight into the face of the Beast Incarnate. Paul Heyman asked him why he came after the universal Championship when he could have gone for any other championship. Brock cut Paul’s promo and asked him why didn’t he tell Roman that he (Brock) he would be there at Summerslam.

This left Roman Reigns stunned as he doubted Heyman’s loyalty, snatched the title from him, and walked off with his cousins. Lesnar and Heyman were in the ring and the former asked Heyman to tell Roman that he is challenging him for a Universal Championship match. He then lifted Heyman for an F5 but Roman Reigns came to the rescue and hit a Superman punch to him. The Usos also joined the party and hit superkicks to Lesnar, but the BEast was not going down with a mere Superman punch and superkicks. He took out The Usos while Roman Reigns escaped the ring.