WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights: Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship after beating Finn Balor in the main event

WWE Smackdown Results live blog: Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship after beating Finn Balor in the main event
WWE Smackdown Results live blog: Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship after beating Finn Balor in the main event

WWE Smackdown– Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on September 4th: Friday Night Smackdown was live from the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. here are the highlights and match results.

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Events of the night

  • The Usos vs. Street Profits
  • Becky Lynch in the ring
  • Rick Boogs vs. Dolph Ziggler
  • Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro
  • The Kevin Owens Show- Special Guest Baron Corbin (Happy Corbin)
  • Sami Zayn vs. Dominik Mysterio
  • Universal Championship- Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns

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WWE Smackdown– Smackdown Results and Highlights: Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship after beating Finn Balor in the main event

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WWE Smackdown– Smackdown Results and Highlights of the night

Universal Championship: Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns- As Finn Balor was entering the ring, The Usos assaulted him badly. The Usos ambush Balor before the match even started by hitting the steel stair twice into his abdomen. The Profits storm down to even the odds and run out the Usos. Then Reigns heads out with Balor reeling in pain in the middle of the ring.

After the commercial, Roman was standing with a smile in the ring, while Finn Balor was attended by the medical personnel. However, somehow Balor made his way back to his feet to get the match started. As the bell rang, Roman literally threw Balor onto the other corner and started working on his injured ribs.

Roman tried to go for a running clothesline, but Finn kicked Roman on his left knee to stun the champion. Balor then hit some kicks on the back of his knee before rocking Roman with a sling blade. After some offense from the challenger, the champion made it to his feet and rocked Balor with a chop right on his face.

As we returned from the commercial, Roman got himself charged for the Superman Punch, but missed it. Balor then got momentum with an overhead kick and stomping on the chest of the champion. Balor gets himself the momentum he needed and caught the champion between the apron. He started chopping down the Champion with a series of leg strikes.

Balor stunned Roman Reigns and almost pinned the champ with a roll-up. He hit him with his finisher Coup de Grace, and the champ yet again barely survived a 3-count. Ultimately, after a series of right-hand strikes from Roman ambushing Balor, the champ caught the challenger in a Gaiety submission to close off an outstanding match.

WWE Smackdown Results: Roman Reigns defeated Finn Balor via submission

While Roman Reigns was walking, a mysterious Red light splashed in the arena for a second or two. What was that? Is the Demon Finn Balor returning?



Backstage- Naomi reminded Sonya Deville that she promised her a match this week. Sonya said that it must be a slip of the mind and she will think about it next week.



Sami Zayn vs. Dominik Mysterio- After a disappointing show last week, Dominik seemingly looked good by escaping the offense of Sami Zayn. His moves stunned Sami as he wasn’t expecting this type of flash in the match from Dominik. He placed Sami in the middle rope for a 619, but Sami escaped the ring and tried to walk backstage. However, Rey came out and Sami had to go back to the ring before getting caught up with a dive from Dominik from the top rope.

As Dominike was going back into the ring, Sami caught him with a Helluva kick and the match ended with Sami winning. Yet again, it was a slight loss of concentration from Dominik that cost him the match.

WWE Smackdown Results: Sami Zayn defeated Dominik Mysterio



The Kevin Owens Show- Kevin Owens called out Happy Corbin to the show. As Corbin entered the ring, he hugged Kevin Owens, but the latter didn’t look amused. Corbin flaunted by telling about how costly his suit, his watch, and every accessory he was wearing.

As the show went on, Corbin invited his new best friend the YouTube sensation turned boxer Logan Paul. Kevin didn’t look happy as he didn’t call him on his show. Kevin started embarrassing both Corbin and Paul by calling them a piece of trash.

The segment turned chaotic when Paul pushed Owens and the latter returned the favor. However, just when Owens was about to lay his hands on Paul, Corbin hit him with a microphone and planted a chokeslam to end the segment “happily.”



Backstage- Edge challenged Seth Rollins for a match next week at Madison Square Garden to stop the chaos the latter is planning.



Backstage- Roman Reigns s informed by his Special Counsel Paul Heyman that Brock Lesnar will be at the Madison Square Garden next week for Friday Night Smackdown.



Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro- The two familiar foes are set to renew their rivalry. Seth started with a side headlock but gets planted with a back-first on Cesaro’s thighs. Seth rolls out near the announce table, but Cesaro comes rushing down and hits him with an uppercut near the barricade.

The two men get inside the ring and Cesaro continues with the beat down. He hits Seth with a dropkick and gets all over him. Seth, however, gets some offense of his own placed correctly and gets some momentum before going into a commercial.

After the commercial, Cesaro hit two right strikes on Seth’s face and took him on the top turnbuckle. However, Rollins slid down from the top and took Cesaro on his shoulders to hit him with a buckle bomb on the other corner.

Seth Rollins then surprisingly hit Cesaro with an Edgeomatic, taking a cue from his rival Edge’s book. Rollins then tried going for his finisher the Curb Stomp, but Cesaro countered by placing a powerbomb on him.

The two men then exchanged some blows before Cesaro goes for his famous Cesaro Swing 20-times to embarrass the Visionary. Seth then rolled out of the ring and gets near to the barricade to buy himself some time.

Cesaro rushed towards him to hit the uppercut, but Seth gets the steel chair in the way and the match gets disqualified.

Seth then continues his assault on Cesaro by hitting him with a chair shot on the back. He then embarrassed him by placing the steel rod crippler cross-face on the Swiss Superstar, mocking Edge’s move. The segment ended with Edge coming out with a chair to make the save.

WWE Smackdown Results: Cesaro won via DQ



Backstage- Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce approached Becky Lynch to tell her that she would be defending her title against Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules. Also, next week at Madison Square Garden, the two will have a contract signing segment.



Rick Boogs vs. Dolph Ziggler- The two men started off with a classic wrestling lock before Boogs body pressed and dropped him on the mat. The two exchanged some heavy right hands until Ziggler tried for a superkick but got caught by Boogs.

The prodigy of Nakamura didn’t waste much time and hit Ziggler with his finisher the Boogs Crews to pick up a shocking win. It was quick work for Boogs.

WWE Smackdown Results: Rick Boogs defeated Dolph Ziggler.



Backstage- As Dolph Ziggler was walking to the ring to face Rick Boogs, he bounced into Toni Storm and asked her to root for him in his match, but the latter said that she is rooting for Rick Boogs.



Becky Lynch is in the ring- She started off the segment by saying she is on the top of the world after winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship. She then talked about Bianca Belair saying that the latter should be thankful to her because she stepped up when Banks got injured and Bianca had to face the best at the Biggest Party of the Summer. That was actually good for Bianca to face someone who won the Wrestlemania main event.

Once Lynch was done taking, the EST of WWE entered the ring, and everyone in the arena was chanting “EST.” Bianca started off by saying that the Smackdown Women’s Title is more than just a title for her as she has held it for 132 days. She agreed that she lost in just 26 seconds at Summerslam but also talked about her grit and how she has paved her way and earned everything with hard work.

Bianca Belair then challenged her for the Championship match later tonight by saying just like Roman Reigns is defending his title, Becky should also defend her’s. But, for the second straight week, Becky refused to defend her title and walked off.



Backstage- Paul Heyman got interviewed by Kayla Braxton, and the same time someone called Heyman on his mobile phone with his ringtone being the theme music of Brock Lesnar. Heyman was pissed to get interviewed by Kayla, and while he was going, he bumped into Big E who was dressed as a sweeper. Big E got his Money in the Bank briefcase up and started laughing at Heyman.



The Usos vs. Street Profits- Right before the match could have started. Jimmy & Jey grabbed a microphone and started talking about the terrific run of The Bloodline. They talked about how The Street Profits disrespected the Head of the Table & The Bloodline last week.

Once they were done talking, The Street Profits also came out. Montez Ford started off by saying that we embarrassed The Head of the Table in front of The Bloodline. All his was said while they walked the ramp, and the match started once they were in the ring.

Angelo Dawkins & Jimmy Uso started off the proceedings. A dropkick floored Jimmy followed by a swinging splash on the corner from Dawkins. The latter then tagged his partner in and he also hit a dropkick before Jimmy tagged Jey and he also got hit off the dropkick. The Usos went out at ringside to get some momentum, but Ford splashed from the apron, however, the latter was caught only to get bashed on the barricade.

As we returned from the commercial, Ford and Jey were inside the ring. Jey had his arms wrapped around the face of Ford, but the latter somehow got some space with a step-up ensegurie. Jimmy got the tag in and Ford somehow managed to tag in Dawkins. At one stage, The Usos hoisted Dawkins on the top turnbuckle for a super plex. However, Dawkins pushed the two and jumped on them, Usos escaped from harm’s way and Jimmy was caught with a kick. Dawkins tagged in Ford and he splashed on Jimmy for a cover but Jey saved him.

The match ended up in a chaotic manner as the referee had to call for the bell when the two teams got engaged in a brawl. The Street Profits stood tall in the brawl which made Roman Reigns (who was watching the match from his locker room) ask Paul Heyman to bring his cousins to him.

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