WWE Smackdown results today: 3 things which this week’s episode has taught us

WWE Smackdown Results: This week’s Friday night SmackDown Live was more like a gimmick. It kicked off with Jeff Hardy on MizTV as a special guest. The talk show quickly went south and turned into a one-on-one with Jeff Hardy facing the Miz. Hardy during this battle was distracted by Sheamus via the big screen but somehow he managed to defeat the Miz.


But the big question still remains whether we are going to see Hardy face off against Sheamus for The Horror Show at Extreme Rules since there is no confirmation for their match yet. In another segment, we had a tag team championship match between The New Day and Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura. There were so many other segments which took place in this week’s SmackDown Live which took us closer to the Horror Show at Extreme Rules.


Moreover, there are somethings which today’s episode has taught us


WWE Smackdown Results: More hint over Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus at Extreme Rules


There were a lot of discussions going around for this segment initially as it took place this week on SmackDown Live. The Miz and John Morrison invited Jeff Hardy for advertising on his show but it quickly converted into a mess. As a result of it Jeff Hardy went up against The Miz in a one on one match, and during this feud, Hardy was distracted by Sheamus on the big screen. However, Hardy using his experience managed to overcome the distraction and got the victory over the Miz. The continuous mockery of Hardy by Sheamus is a hint that their match at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules is inevitable.


WWE Smackdown Results: AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle for Intercontinental Championship next week


‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles has not taken much time to choose his next opponent for his Intercontinental Championship clash after his last week’s victory over Drew Gulak and retained the title. This time he is all set to defend this title against Matt Riddle, who has already shocked the Styles by defeating him in a non-title match last month on SmackDown in his very first match. But this time Styles will not take him that easy since Styles will be on driver seat after his last week’s performance. All eyes will be on these two next week on SmackDown as this could be the main event before the Horror Show at Extreme Rules. And it would not surprise the WWE Universe if Styles successfully defend it again but who knows what Matt Riddle holds in this career-changing match.


WWE Smackdown Results: New Day vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro a likely match at Extreme Rules


The main event on the lastest segment of SmackDown Live was for the tag team championship match between The New Day against the team of Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura. But before the start of their match official, it turned out to be total chaos inside the ring and out the ring as these four superstars got into a brawl as a result of it the official rung the bell with no winner. But this was not the end of the show as Cesaro and Nakamura decided to give little taste to New Day as they slammed them on the tables and sent the message to them.


However, it gave us an insight of what could be when the two teams possibly clash on July 19 at the WWE Extreme Rules. They may be engaged in a table match with winner takes all. WWE, however, is yet to confirm if the match will take place.