WWE Smackdown Rumour: BIG E may get the major push for his singles match once again

WWE Smackdown Rumour: WWE superstar Big E preforms under the trio faction of – New Day which includes Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E in this faction. This faction has achieved so many milestones in WWE in last half decade and has created lot of records, which also includes the hosting of Wrestlemania 33, and has the longest record to hold the WWE Tag Team Championships for 483 days.

However, this faction was not the same in last one month or so following Xavier Woods’ injury which make this faction little feeble and its result has been enthralled on their performance at the Extreme Rules. This faction lost their SmackDown Tag Team Championships at the Extreme Rules against the team of Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in a stipulation – tables match. And after that there were many speculations became the center of this trio faction New Day, that it is time for New Day to break the chain and perform in singles match.

The latest episode of SmackDown Live also showed this little clip at backstage of Kofi Kingston along with Big E, as Kingston informed Big E that he will not be performing in ring action for next six weeks, due to injury. This news made Big E little upset but on the hand, this is also a golden opportunity for Big E to make his expunge on blue brand. And Big E admittedly, nodded his head when Kingston told him ” it is your time to perform in a singles match” this statement made it very clear that Xavier Woods who is already out of this faction for long and now Kofi Kingston also joined him, which means Big E has to do all in its own.

How will WWE use Big E if he remains in singles competition

It is going to be interesting before the biggest event of the summer at SummerSlam, that how WWE use Big E in this nuisance phase. WWE fans will be eager to see Big E perform in one – on – one competition almost after six years. If not wrong, WWE would not mind to give Big E some push against the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, or Otis to show his calibre once again.

Big E will also be looking to seal this opportunity in a major one as this could be a career changing opportunity for him, he will try to do everything to perform in a singles match if possible at SummerSlam and become the major contender for WWE Universal Championship. However, things are going to be more destructive when Big E once again put his powerhouse show against his opponent to break them in half.