WWE star O’Neil upbeat on women’s event in WrestleMania

WWE star O'Neil upbeat on women's event in WrestleMania
    • For the first-time, WrestleMania will have a main event for the women and WWE star Titus O’Neil believes that it is a step in the right direction even as he expects it to be a competitive one.
    • “I expect it (the women’s main event) to be highly competitive, highly emotional (and it is) not really having anything to do with them (contestants) being women,” O’Neil said.
    • “It is more so that these are the women who have represented our company in a strong way in the past several years and to have them in the spotlight in the grand stage of WrestleMania is going to be a treat for everybody,” O’Neil said
    • “It is going to be an inspiration to all people,” he added on the sidelines of an event organised by WWE and Susan G Komen at the Newport Centre Mall here on Thursday.
    • WWE recently had announced that the first-ever women’s main event of WrestleMania would be a ‘winners take all match’ for both Raw and Smackdown championship titles. This event will feature Ronda Rousey versus Charlotte Flair versus Becky Lynch.
    • Meanwhile, O’Neil a former footballer has taken wrestling as a profession. Asked about the journey and the transformation, the 41-year-old noted, “It has been great. It was a new thing when I started and it wasn’t easy (all), but it has been a great transition from football to now being a WWE Superstar.”
    What challenges he faced and pat came the reply, “There is no off-season and we work 52 weeks a year. (It is about) Being away from the family on a more consistent basis than any other sport