WWE starts SummerSlam preparations, has big plans for this superstar

WWE Summerslam News: After his predominant performance against Braun Strowman at Extreme Rules, “the fiend” Bray Wyatt once again proved WWE Universe that why he is called the new face of fear. However, WWE also revealed how ‘Firefly House’ was turned out as a positive response for WWE’s merchandising. Therefore, WWE has further plan for “the fiend” to give him a much larger focus.


The Fiend appeared during the conclusion of the Wyatt Swamp Fight match at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules. There are big plans for The Fiend as a babyface after this point.


Ringside news also reported this “Fiend is going to be a babyface and kill all other babyfaces again.” This suggests that WWE has started to prepare for the next biggest event of the Summer, SummerSlam. This could also lead us to Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman third time at the SummerSlam and this time for the WWE Universe Champion.


In fact, initially, WWE first was looking for Otis and Bray Wyatt storyline for the SummerSlam but they revoke this plan and further moved with Strowman for better viewership. Since Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, both maniac minds like to destroy their opponents and this time when they meet again WWE fans want to see the proper result of their match.


Bray Wyatt’s Fiend is back, but you can also never forget his other personalities. The ultimate plan is to create a multiple personality persona and WWE is getting very close to fully realizing that goal.