WWE SummerSlam Preview: A bizarre “No Disqualification”match announced for upcoming PPV, check it out

WWE SummerSlam Preview: Alright! We are not done yet for SummerSlam confirmed matches. In the latest episode of SmackDown Live, WWE has further added a new kind of stipulation match for Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose that now this match would be “No Disqualification” match.

Earlier this match was confirmed as “Hair vs Hair” match but WWE found it inappropriate since it may cost either of the superstars to go ‘bald’ or ‘shave off their head’ which would be embarrassing and insulting both. This Sunday both these harridans now face off in a “No Disqualification” match and the loser leaves WWE match.

It would a bizarre contest between these two old friends when they collide at the same time in ring at SummerSlam. But only one will stand tall against other. However, based on current performance it seems like Mandy Rose has the upper hand after what she had done to Sonya Deville last week on SmackDown Live.

Furthermore, we can witness current MITB winner Otis at ringside in this match to support his beloved Mandy Rose. There are chances also that Sonya Deville will also get the support from someone in main roster during this clash.

Who will leave The Biggest Event of the Summer as the winner, and who will leave WWE for good?