WWE Summerslam: “The Man” Becky Lynch made a SURPRISE return & humbled Bianca Belair to win Smackdown Women’s Title. Check video

WWE Summerslam:
WWE Summerslam: "The Man" Becky Lynch made a SURPRISE return & humbled Bianca Belair to win Smackdown Women's Title. Check video

WWE Summerslam:- Becky Lynch Returns: The WWE Summerslam PPV event was full of surprises. The night started off with RK-Bro winning the Raw Tag Team Titles and ended with Roman Reigns retaining the Universal Championship. Between all this, a lot of events took place, and one of those events was the return of “The Man” Becky Lynch. 

“The Man” Becky Lynch returned tonight after more than a year’s lay-off. She made an entrance with a loud cheer and pop, as the WWE Universe was awaiting her return for a long time.

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WWE Summerslam: Becky Lynch returned and dethroned Bianca Belair as the Smackdown Women’s Champion

Becky Lynch didn’t only return but dethroned Bianca Belair to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. It all happened when Bianca Belair made his way to the ring to defend her title against Sasha Banks.

As she was waiting for “The Boss” Sasha Banks to arrive, the announcer said that Sasha won’t be competing tonight and instead, she will be replaced by Carmella. Bianca wasn’t pleased to see Carmella as she had defeated her in the past several times. 

As the bout was about to begin between Carmella and Bianca, Becky’s music hit, and she came out with a massive pop. Lynch walked straight into the ring to attack Carmella and threw her outside. She then went outside and attacked her further before coming back to the ring. 

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The Man then challenged Bianca for a match with the title on the line, and the EST of WWE accepted. With two perennial figures in the ring, everyone thought that this match would be one of the highlights of the night. However, it didn’t happen as Becky slammed Bianca with a Manhandle Slam and picked up a pinfall victory in just 11 seconds. The crowd erupted in ecstasy, and Bianca left the ring shell shocked.