WWE Summerslam: Will John Cena continue his WWE run post-Summerslam? Check details here

WWE Summerslam: Will John Cena continue his WWE run post-Summerslam? Check details here
WWE Summerslam: Will John Cena continue his WWE run post-Summerslam? Check details here

WWE Summerslam: The 16-time World Champion John Cena is all set to headline WWE Summerslam on August 21 at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Paradise, Nevada. He will be challenging the narcissist Universal Champion and Head of the Table Roman Reigns for the Championship. 

Cena made a grand return to WWE and the Money in the Bank PPV with huge pops. He cut short Roman Reigns’ victory celebration and gave us a glimpse of what to expect at WWE Summerslam. However, people are assuming that this would be another one-time appearance from the 16-time World Champion as he will be returning to Hollywood post the PPV event. Is that the case? Let’s dive into this matter.

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WWE Summerslam: Will John Cena return to Hollywood after the PPV event?

John Cena recently had an interview with Jeff Conway of Forbes, where he was asked about his post-Summerslam plans. Cena, who is in a middle of a successful Hollywood career, said that he wasn’t willing to take time away from WWE, but he had to go through a bold choice. 

“I didn’t want to really leave in the first place but I was faced with a bold choice and that bold choice is to try your hand at another way of entertaining people through movies and television but if you take that risk, then you can’t be on the WWE in a full capacity.”

He further added,  “I could speak maybe or I could be an announcer but you can’t participate. You can’t have matches because the insurance companies bound you to the production. That’s very fair terms. 

This is the first time like Fast (Fast & Furious) came out, The Suicide Squad is coming out on August 6. We just dropped the trailer for Vacation Friends. I’ve been filming movies a lot, and that’s why I’ve been away. This is the first time I got a break. I have this block of time, so instead of taking a deep breath and kind of letting it all sink in, I wanted to go home and see my family in WWE, so back to the ring I go!”

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WWE Summerslam: Cena also commented on if he has a realistic future of balancing Hollywood and WWE?

John Cena is optimistic about continuing his WWE run, let alone the Hollywood career. It is a tricky task to balance life between WWE & Hollywood, but the 16-time World Champion is passionate to balance it out.

“Man, never say never about the WWE. As I said, I had a month to myself and here I am back in a ring. So maybe if I get another month to catch my breath, I’ll hopefully make another visit back. I’m going to have to defend that championship that I win from Roman somehow,” Cena concluded with a wink and a smile on his face.