WWE TLC 2020: What makes Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Inferno Match so special from other matches

WWE TLC 2020: WWE will be featuring a Firefly Inferno Match for the first time in company history. At least that’s what the WWE is selling to fans before tonight’s TLC pay per view. So what is it and how is it different from a long time staple in the company, the Inferno match?

The answer, honestly, might not be much if anything.

The WWE hasn’t said much about the match beyond what they’re calling it, and the idea of the ring being surrounded by fire isn’t a new idea in the WWE as well. They’re just trying to put a new name on it in the hopes of making it sound new. Ringside News talked to their sources about how the Inferno Match concept will be changed now that it’s a Firefly Inferno Match and they were told that the match was booked because the company believes this is something “new and different.”

To be more precise, their report says this is a result of WWE’s “creative tailspin and free fall.” It’s a result of the current mindset where Bruce Prichard feels this match “is new and different to pitch.” It worked because as we’ve learned, Prichard “knows how to speak McMahon’s language.”

While we might not get something different out of this match, it should be interesting when it comes time to see the execution. We’ll have results of TLC up on Insidesport tonight.