WWE: Top 10 WWE superstars who have a future in E-Sports; Check out

WWE 2K announced that Season 7 of WWE SuperCard, the newest addition to the action-packed collectible card-battling game, is scheduled to launch in November 2020 as a free, downloadable update on the Apple App Store for iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, as well as the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android devices and Facebook Gaming.

While that certainly does still happen, the number one past-time for many of the WWE Superstars now is actually embracing modern technology by playing video games, with the WWE roster having some avid gamers.

With that in mind, within this article, we shall take a look on Top 10 WWE superstars who have a future in E-Sports; Check out


Tyler Breeze (Diablo II)

Tyler Breeze is one of the WWE Superstars who loves video gaming and is one of the regular members of the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, with him and Xavier Woods constantly competing on SmackDown vs Raw.

However, even though Breeze plays a lot of wrestling video games online his actual favorite game to play is Diablo II, which he has revealed while being on the channel, which may surprise some people.

The game is a pretty dark and creepy one, which is very different to how Breeze appears with his personality being rather bubbly and confident, but it is a great game, so it’s not a bad choice at all.

Bayley (Crash Bandicoot)

One WWE Superstar who is a big video gaming fan is Bayley, who enjoys playing some of the classic games, which is obvious by her favorite game choice, which happens to be the incredible Crash Bandicoot.

Bayley has discussed her love for the game talking about the fun times she had with the game as a child, so you can expect that she was straight on the updated version when it was released.

Bayley has played the popular game on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown video channel, where you can clearly see just how much she loves the games.

Apollo Crews (FIFA)

One wrestler who absolutely loves video gaming is Apollo Crews, who is a regular feature on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, particularly during the yearly FIFA tournament that Xavier Woods hosts.

The reason that he always takes part in that tournament is that the FIFA video games are his personal favorite, which might seem surprising as Madden is normally a more popular answer amongst American wrestlers.

However, despite the fact that soccer isn’t as popular in the United States, Apollo is a major fan of the sport which is why FIFA is his favorite game.

Rusev (FIFA)

Speaking of FIFA, Apollo Crews isn’t the only WWE Superstar who loves the popular soccer franchise, with Rusev also being a huge fan of the game, also always appearing on the UpUpDownDown tournament each year.

Rusev being a fan of the game makes more sense than Apollo, with the former United States Champion being from Europe, where soccer is the most popular sport, which makes this game a popular one.

Rusev is a major Real Madrid fan so he often chooses the Spanish outfit to play as, but considering his WWE status is up in the air right now, it will remain to be seen whether he appears on YouTube playing the game ever again.

Samoa Joe (Skyrim)

Samoa Joe is one of those unlikely names that people probably wouldn’t expect to be a major video game fan, but despite appearing as an incredibly tough guy who loves to beat people up inside the ring, Joe loves playing games on his time off.

The wrestling veteran has revealed that his favorite video game of all time is Skyrim, working on becoming the best Dragonborn possible, with Joe loving the detailed and complex video game.

Joe is one of those wrestlers who is able to carry around his console which is certainly necessary considering how detailed Skyrim is as a video game, requiring a lot of time to play.

Ronda Rousey (Mortal Kombat)

While Samoa Joe might be someone that you don’t necessarily link with video games, the baddest woman on the planet certainly isn’t someone people would think is a massive video game fan, but Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest gamers on the roster.

Not only does Ronda love gaming but she also enjoys cosplaying as well, taking her love to an even bigger level. Rousey’s favorite game is any of the Mortal Kombat series, with Rousey often playing the game.

Clearly, the creators of Mortal Kombat found out about that love as they brought in the former Raw Women’s Champion and made her the voice of Sonya Blade for Mortal Kombat 11, which is likely a career highlight for her.

Kofi Kingston (Tetris)

Of course, being a member of The New Day and being close friends with Xavier Woods, there was no way that Kofi Kingston wasn’t going to be a big gamer, and he is often seen on his YouTube channel.

While the WWE Champion certainly enjoys plenty of the modern games, with Madden and Mortal Kombat being major hits with him, it is more of a throwback that he prefers, with Tetris actually being his personal game of choice.

While it might be a fairly simple game that doesn’t boast crazy graphics or gameplay, there is no doubt that Tetris is incredibly addictive and it is easy to see why Kofi would love the classic game.

Big E (UFC 3)

As we mentioned in the previous post, being a member of The New Day means Big E gets plenty of exposure to video games and because of that, he is also a major gamer, spending plenty of time in UpUpDownDown videos.

Whether he is actually playing or just hanging out in the background, E is always fun to have on the channel, cracking jokes and showing why he is so popular within the locker room.

However, Big E’s personal video game of choice might not make his boss too happy, as the New Day member’s current favorite game is UFC 3, with E constantly playing the game, showing his love for MMA.

Seth Rollins (Call Of Duty)

The current Universal Champion, Seth Rollins is yet another top WWE Superstar who loves playing video games, with his personal favorite being the Call of Duty series, often playing against other gamers online.

Rollins is well known for frequently changing his username to keep his privacy, but still being able to enjoy being online just like other gamers, getting the rush that comes with doing that.

Seth has appeared on UpUpDownDown countless times as well, where he has proven it isn’t just his in-ring skills that are superb, but his gaming skills are too.

Xavier Woods (Mario Kart: Double Dash)

Of course, when it comes to wrestlers and video games the first name that everybody thinks of is Xavier Woods, with The New Day member being the main man who has bought video games and wrestling together to the mainstream.

Providing a platform for everyone to see just how much wrestlers enjoy gaming has been incredible to see, and his passion and love for gaming is clear for anyone to notice if you’ve watched his channel.

In terms of his personal favorite, while he is very good at seemingly every game, it is Mario Kart: Double Dash that takes the top prize for him, with that being his go-to game.