WWE Wade Barrett is ready to join a new role with NXT

WWE News: Former member and leader of Nexus – Wade Barrett is expected to join yellow brand NXT this Wednesday with a new role. Barrett was last seen in WWE back in 2016, after releasing from WWE, Since then, he’s focused on his acting career and most recently did announcing for Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance.

However, according to report, after releasing from WWE Barrett never showed intend to comeback again and renew his contract with the company.

There is no official confirmation from WWE so far that Barrett will join them, but based on these reports it is just a matter of concern that he will join announce table this Wednesday on NXT.

Nevertheless, the – 40 – year Barrett also explained this during an interview with Wrestling Inc. that he is not sure whether he will be back for in-ring again or not however, he shows positive sign to make his comeback to WWE.