xQc and Valkyrae top streamers on Twitch? Check out all other Most Watched Streamers

xQc and Valkyrae top streamers on Twitch
xQc and Valkyrae top streamers on Twitch

xQc and Valkyrae top streamers on Twitch? Check out all other Most Watched Streamers. xQc and Valkyrae have reportedly become the most viewed Twitch Streamers in the first quarter of 2021. According to a report posted by Stream Hatchet, xQc is leading the charts as the most-watched streamer on the platform with total 73 million hours watched within the first quarter of 2021.

Second on the list is Gaules, with a score of 38.5 million watch hours. At third place is Summit1g with 28.5 million hours watched. It is evident that xQc is on a whole other level as most of the other popular streamers doesn’t even have half as much watch hours. However, each streamer on the top 10 most-watched list has managed to record more than 20 million watch hours.

Now, if we talk about other metrics, Valkyrae has got everyone’s attention with her exponential growth recently. In the last month alone 650,000 fans tuned in to her channel to catch her live. “Valkyae is the fastest growing live streamer in the entire world, and now the biggest female gaming streamer in the world,” Ryan Wyatt, the head of YouTube’s gaming division, declared on Twitter in October.

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In addition to this, she is now the co-owner of 100 Thieves, the e-sports team juggernaut and lifestyle brand in Los Angeles. In second place for female streamers is the controversial twitch star Pokimane, with 6.8 million hours watched this quarter.

Valkyrae and xQc are reportedly the top of channels in terms of views in their respective categories.

Ludwig, the streamer who is famous for his comedic personality, has seen impressive growth in the last quarter as well. Experimenting on creative things such as the Ludlocke, Twitch Jeopardy, he now sits 6th on the list of the top influencers, with 24 million hours watched.

Streamers like Ludwig, xQc & Valkyrae onboard, Twitch has earned the mantle of the most viewed platform on the internet. According to stats, Twitch has recorded 200 percent growth in watch hours compared to the last quarter. While Facebook & YouTube has only surpassed 1 billion watch hours, Twitch has already achieved a milestone of 6 billion hours.