xQc got unbanned after facing 4 hours temporary ban from Twitch

xQc got unbanned after facing 4 hours temporary ban from Twitch
xQc got unbanned after facing 4 hours temporary ban from Twitch

xQc got unbanned after facing 4 hours ban from Twitch: xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers with almost 6 million followers and a former professional Overwatch player. He got banned from twitch earlier today and the reason was unknown. This is the fifth ban for the popular twitch streamer and there are reasons why xQc fans should be worried. But no need to worry, this was a temp ban where he got unbanned over Twitch after 4 hours.

xQc is one of the most popular twitch streamers, who knows for its gaming and chatting streams. In these streams, he talks with the fans and subscribers and shares his views. Last time he got banned during his stream due to watching highlights of the Tokyo Olympics. The recent ban was implanted suddenly where no one knows the reason behind it. The ban was temporary where xQc got unbanned now.

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Currently, any official reason for the ban hasn’t been revealed by either xQc or Twitch. xQc has faced its fifth ban from the Twitch platform and in currently in a critical state. Twitch may apply a permanent ban of xQc’s channel from the platform depending on how serious the infringement is. Earlier, He got banned from twitch on July 28, 2021, potentially for live streaming the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020. He was live-streaming the Judo match between Japan’s Chizuru Arai and Austria’s Michaela Polleres. After the ban, xQc responded on Twitter stating that his channel might have got under live-DMCA. He urged that he took the necessary steps and didn’t expect this to happen.

It is speculated that the reason for today’s ban might potentially be another DMCA ban which he faced last time while broadcasting Kanye West’s DONDA event. It is expected that xQc will soon respond to his fans about the ban and the reason behind it. As of now, nobody knows how long xQc will remain banned from the platform and his followers are worried. He remains one of the biggest streamers on the platform and Amazon owned will certainly look into the Copyright laws and other infringements that xQc may have broken.

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