Zelina Vega and Aleister Black along with other superstars react on Andrade’s departure from WWE

WWE News – Andrade leaves WWE: Some media have speculated with the return of the alliance of Andrade and Thea Trinidad, now that they are free to appear in any company

Aleister Black has not appeared on WWE programming since October 2020 and rumors about a possible departure from the company have been accentuated

Since announcing his release from WWE, Andrade has used social media to exchange messages of appreciation with his colleagues at the McMahon company.  One of the most prominent interactions has been with Aleister Black, who has been the focus of speculation for several months due to the absence of him in WWE programming and the controversy over the dismissal of his wife, Zelina Vega, in November  2020.

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“Andrade is synonymous with my career in WWE. My first opponent and the opponent I won the belt from.  From start to finish, a complete professional and, in my opinion, few have his footwork, his ability to compromise and execute techniques on the ring.  Friend, thank you for everything ”.

“The Idol” responded to Aleister’s message and showed his desire to compete against him again in the future.  He also referred to him as Tommy End, Aleister Black’s stage name on independents before signing for WWE.

“We will meet again in a ring in a few years, you are a great talent and a good friend.  Big hug Tommy End “.

Another of the most prominent messages in recent hours has come from Thea Trinidad, formerly known as Zelina Vega, who spent most of her career in WWE as Andrade’s manager.

“From the moment I met you, I knew not only that you were an amazing person, but also one of the most talented in this business and that you would be successful no matter what.  I am very grateful to meet you, share so many memories and have a brother for life.  I love you brother”.

The tandem of Andrade and Zelina Vega became a complete success since its formation in WWE NXT.  Many fans have speculated about the return of the alliance now that they are both out of WWE and free to appear in any company.  In fact, many fans have rescued a recent statement by Tony Khan for the Wrestling Observer at the end of February:

“I haven’t talked to Thea Trinidad. Doesn’t she have a no-competition clause for 90 days? I think she was still under the clause the last time I looked at it, so I’ve been waiting for it to end. I don’t talk to people while they’re there.  under that clause. If it has expired, it must have expired nothing ago. When we finish the AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament and AEW Revolution I’d be interested in talking to her. “

Thea Trinidad’s no-competition clause ended on February 13.

WWE reached an agreement on the release of Andrade last Sunday, something that became official after the broadcast of WWE Fastlane.  As we reported a few hours ago, Andrade does not have a non-competition clause and from today she is free to appear and sign for any company.  Meanwhile, Aleister Black has not appeared on WWE programming since October 2020, although months later he was selected as the star of SmackDown in the Draft.  Since then he has not heard from the Dutch star.